A Comprehensive Strategy To Grow Your FootWear Industry With Custom Socks Boxes

Nov 6, 2023 - 18:40
A Comprehensive Strategy To Grow Your FootWear Industry With Custom Socks Boxes

In the apparel industry, there are few markets that are working on elevating their sock packaging. Socks are not only important in winter but also in the summer as well to protect one’s feet from tanning and other pollutants. Custom socks boxes are essential for not only protecting your socks but also building and promoting your brand. 

Secondly, the selection of material is as important as the pillar of the building on which it stands. Eco-friendly and recyclable packaging of custom printed socks boxes helps not only save the environment and people but also portrays the best image of your brand. 


Ideal Base Of the Packaging 

The base or the foundation of the boxes is made with the material. The more you choose quality material the more your customers will get strong and durable footwear boxes. Here are the following material:

Cardboard Made Box

Paperboard and cardboard are important and most common materials utilized in the manufacturing of the socks packaging. This material helps to prevent wear and tear on the sock box. Moreover, they are lightweight which makes them easy to transport and move during the shipment. They are recyclable,  you can use them to store your other clothes and old socks or even make them as gift boxes. The nature of their material is easily biodegradable, thus they serve as eco-friendly boxes. You can have high-quality printing which is PMS. 

Kraft Made Box

Kraft packaging material is the best option you can rely on for its strongest durability. Its moisture-resistant quality helps to keep the fabric away from water, dust or any other harmful pollutant that can ruin your product. Therefore, it is reliable for you to keep these boxes shipping to customers across the world despite their climate and weather conditions. Further, they are recyclable and safe for the environment as well. 

Custom Printing Methods

Printing is a technique that adds graphical designs including logo, name, slogan, tagline color a more to make your footwear boxes look branded and give them a luxurious look! Custom shoe boxes with logo help to build brand image and also act as a marketing tool to advertise your business with different deals, promotions, discounts, or just a picture of the shoes. 

There are different techniques for printing your sock and custom shoe boxes wholesale. It totally depends on how you present your product packaging either at a moderate level or want to give it a highly branded look. 

Offset Printing:

You can find high-quality printing for bulk quantities and massive sizes through offset printing which is done at a low price. it provides a high degree of accuracy and provides quality finishing for every minor detail. Therefore, it is suitable for setting up your logo, company name, slogan, and tagline at the exact position where you want to adjust it. Your custom socks boxes with logo which are precisely printed on the packaging give a professional aesthetic look to not only the product but also the brand. 

Digital Printing:

Digital printing includes the process of printing computerized images directly into media graphics. They are easy to produce and print low and high volumes of socks effectively at a faster rate. Furthermore, they are beneficial if you want quick turnaround times or want to have small-scale production. Also, the big advantage is that you have the most affordable printing with this method which you cannot get with any other option. Thus, it is the most common method used worldwide. 

Screen Printing:

Another important printing technique for sock packaging is screen printing also known as serigraphy. Everybody wants to have vibrant colors on their product boxes to attract their customers. The bright appealing colors can be achieved when you have high-quality printing. Screen printing involves a design to transfer into a flat surface with an ink, mesh screen, or squeegee.  If your business has a low or moderate budget, you look for this option as it is cost-effective and doesn’t impose a burden on you financially. 

Wrapping Up The Blog

Don’t underestimate the power of packaging for your footwear industry, custom socks boxes with strong material quality like kraft and cardboard give a long-lasting durability that can be faded off quickly. It can protect your socks from any external damage, keeps its fabric clean, and retains its quality. We have discussed the printing methods that can bring out the glow of your packaging, helping to catch more customers. You can also do this with options that are affordable to keep up with your budget and success. 

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